Shiterary Criticism

Shit jokes are aplenty, but how do we make them better? With some highbrow criticism, of course.

Q: How many sides does a box have?

A: Two. The inside and the outside.

With such gross simplification and imposition of an “us and them” dichotomy, we are severely limited to engaging with the multifaceted world of boxes.

Q: What is yellow and goes up and down?

A: A lemon in a lift.

The desperation of the author to find humour in pulp and rind merely accentuates the futility of their own life.

Q: What do you get if you cross two insects with a rabbit?

A: Bugs Bunny.

At a superficial level, the inclusion of a notable pop culture figure begs the question of product placement and sponsorship. However, a deeper analysis suggests a time of hardship and desperation for the aforementioned sponsor, which additionally begs the question: how have they actually been performing in the free market?

Q: What has 75 pairs of sneakers, a ball and two hoops?

A: A centipede basketball team.

The arbitrary nature of the question highlights the author’s obsession with obtaining power, as they aim to make their interlocutor think furiously about an answer, before finally revealing an absurd one, which would have been close to impossible for their interlocutor to guess without any given context.

Q: What is at the end of everything?

A: The letter g.

At first glance, the question commands such pressure in one who attempts to comprehend what comes at the end of everything, as it is dominated by a sense of complete and utter pathos. However, the sheer simplicity of the answer catalyses an epiphany – one realises that a life of misery is unnecessary. Although a nihilistic attitude is encouraged, one is urged to fulfil their desires, despite the inevitability of becoming a rotting corpse.

Originally published in Fauxrago (an imprint of Farrago). Jokes courtesy of A Jar of Jokes (Pancake Press, 1996). 


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