Tea for me, please

With our days getting colder and shorter, our coats get longer and our noses run faster. Now is the time when the sniffles and pesky coughs start to linger in the office. No one wants to catch the dreaded cold or flu just as much as no one wants to be the guilty party who infects the rest of the office. So as the seasons change, there is an age-old remedy we come back to in order to mitigate the onset of cold and flu season.

A cup of tea is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s a moment to yourself. It’s a moment with someone else. And it’s the herbal remedy we so often turn to when we find ourselves feeling rundown. These days, however, we’re surrounded by a number of fads and trends – from bubble tea to sugary chai powder and tea infusions to fruity flavour explosions. But it’s worth returning to what actually works. Stock up your facility with these classic teas:


Sweeter and smoother than you may expect, licorice tea is a welcoming substitute for your 3pm Iced VoVo (if you feel so inclined). An immune system-boosting tea, it reduces soreness in your throat and aids in thinning mucus, as well as improving gastrointestinal problems.


The ginger root contains a vast number of healing properties. It is well-known to reduce nausea, improve digestion, increase food absorption and reduce bloating after a heavy feed. Its anti-inflammatory properties are good to keep in mind when you feel lethargy kick in on your muscles and joints.


Renowned for its calming effects, chamomile tea is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, and it smells great. Even just inhaling chamomile steam is great for decongestion. Perhaps save this one to enjoy before bed if you’re highly sensitive to its sleep inducing properties.

If you’re really up for a powerful elixir, grab your mug and pop a bag of lemon tea inside. Pour in boiling water and add a few shredded ginger flakes, plus a generous teaspoon of honey for good measure. Drink a few of these throughout the day to nip that cold in the bud. Hopefully, you’ve got a reliable instant boiling and chilled water system installed to keep those cups of tea coming.

While tea itself contains several antioxidants and healing properties, you can thank the catalyst of its healing properties to the infusion in freshly boiled water. Having a few cups of tea each day aids sore throats, clears congestion and assists the body in healing. Keep your facilities stocked up with these essentials – no one likes a sick and sniffly office.

This was originally published on FM Media

Image courtesy of Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash