Total Facilities wrap-up

Total Facilities has wrapped up for the year and FM Media was there to enjoy the latest developments in ‘Environments of Excellence’.

As technology continues to push us towards a smarter, more connected future, it’s key for facility managers to be aware of the latest insights, trends and innovations.

FM Media spoke to several facility managers and professionals who were most interested in understanding the updates to the ISO 41000, learning about sustainable best practices and fostering cleaner work environments.

Wednesday’s ‘Fighting the War on Waste in the Built Environment’ session drew a large crowd, with several attendees standing in huddles on the sidelines.

Amid the Australian recycling crisis and the growing kerbside recycling and toxic waste dumping issues in Victoria, facility managers could have a role to play in minimising recyclable waste by adopting alternative strategies on larger scales, such as supply chain selection.

Another crowd pleaser was ‘Dimensions of a ‘Well’ Workplace’, which drew visitors in for a discussion about improving health and wellbeing in buildings by focusing on how people interact with places. Human-centred design is not necessarily a new idea for facility management professionals, though it is gaining traction in mainstream media.

This was originally published on FM Media

Image supplied by Melanie Basta